Q: How do I keep backs from coming unscrewed?

A: The best trick to keeping backs super secure is to screw them on using.a latex or rubber glove.  The tiny backs can be slippery and so the extra grip will help you to twist them tight tight TIGHT! Just be sure to keep the glove handy for when it comes time to changing them out.  They should be THAT tight! ;)

Q: My earrings tend to hang a little.  Is this normal?

A: Our earrings are not meant to be super tight against earlobe.  This allows for easy cleaning and less chance of infection. If the earring tends to hang out of piercing, chances are your earlobe are on the thinner side.  While our regular 7mm post works for most ears, if you have thinner earlobes we recommend grabbing a silicone push back to try.  Our push backs are still quite secure but will allow you to get a snugger fit to your liking.

Q: Are the posts thicker than regular earrings?

A: Yes, the screw back earrings have slightly thicker posts.  However, piercing holes will not be noticeably stretched.  

Q: How do I clean earrings?

A: Wash with mild soap and water.

Q: Are your earrings only for children?

A:  No.  Our earrings are meant for all ages!  From 0-100.  As with any piercing, there is always risk for infection, traumatic tearing and choking on small parts.  Always use adult supervision and check earrings often.

Q: This is my first time inserting screw back earrings.  Any tips?


  • If you or your child has not had earrings in for a while, we recommend placing a thinner post through piercing first to open it up and allow for easier placement. 
  • Try Inserting earring from the back.
  • If tight or newly pierced ears, try inserting earrings right after a warm shower or by placing a warm moist rag on the earlobe.  This will allow the tissue of the earlobe to be a little more stretchy.  Use a medical grade water based lubricant (i.e KY), or triple antibiotic ointment, to ease post through piercing.

Q: How do the Endless Hoops work?


  • Hoop should "pull" apart and "click" together
  • Practice opening and closing hoops before placing in ear.
  • When closing, press down slightly on the skinny portion of the hoop to slide in and feel that click.
  • If the click seems too loose or too tight, try bending the skinny part of earring upward or downward according to fit issue using a pair of pliers.